Case Studies

Case Studies

Cycle Track at Wingrove Primary

A fantastic flowing track designed and built round 2 sides of a football pitch with great traverse section for maximum fun.

The cycle track at Wingrove Primary School maximises the space that was available by using the L shape space round two sides of an existing football pitch.

Roundhouse at Wingrove Primary

This Roundhouse occupies and enhances a fantastic outside space, constructed from natural or recycled materials.

This impressive structure stands 6m in diameter and 3m tall nestled within the mature trees and leafy grounds of Wingrove Primary School and has plenty of room to accommodate a class of 30+ kids.

Cycle Track at Sacred Heart

Sacred Heart’s track is really two tracks! The first track is a challenging track with many features such as berms and rollers and switchback corners. It was designed to make the most of the space and natural gradient available. There are challenging uphills and downhills whichever way you ride it. It’s great to build fitness and skills.


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