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Multi-use all-weather tracks and unique education spaces to support curriculum learning across all key stages, but also enhances personal development and improves overall physical and mental wellbeing. #morekidoutside

If we want to get more kids outside, first, we’ve got to encourage them to dream bigger dreams. We believe the way to do that is to unleash their imaginations by creating life enhancing learning experiences.

Experiences which open children’s minds to wider opportunities as they help build and shape innovative outside spaces. Cycle tracks that provide fun-packed physical and mental stimulation – joyful places where kids first get the bug for a life spent on two wheels. Roundhouses which fire-up young thinkers with the exciting
possibilities of the world beyond the school windows.

When kids explore more they learn more. And, as every good teacher knows, the more they learn the bigger their dreams become.


“Our sports track is one of the best things that we’ve done in school… Every child uses the track every day to do their ‘mile-a-day’, either running or walking, they can chat to friends on their way round or to different groups of children that they might not normally play with… We have found that children who are less confident socially, absolutely love it as it gives them something purposeful to do outside… This has resulted in confidence and fitness levels soaring. 

We have also noticed the positive impact this has had back in the classroom, through increased motivation and enthusiasm for learning along with some significant improvements in academic ability.”

Barbara Brown, Head Teacher, Sacred Heart Primary School, Newcastle upon Tyne.


Multi-use all-weather tracks… Everything we do is about getting kids to learn through having fun. Fun is what a cycle track should be! A place where they can develop both that unique sense of freedom, which only comes from riding a bike, and the confidence they need to venture out into the big wide world.


Unique education spaces… The simplicity of roundhouse building really appeals to children. It’s easy to explain and demonstrate. And, once they get it, their imaginations takeover. They want to be a part of the process. Get involved. Take ownership.

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