Cycle Track at Sacred Heart

Cycle Track at Sacred Heart

Our sports track is one of the best things that we’ve done in a school, it’s quite a challenging design which has totally transformed our outdoor space.

Sacred Heart’s track is really two tracks! The first track is a challenging track with many features such as berms and rollers and switchback corners. It was designed to make the most of the space and natural gradient available. There are challenging uphills and downhills whichever way you ride it. It’s great to build fitness and skills.

The second and longer track at 400m skirts the perimeter of the playing field and provides a more natural flowing track without the challenging bike features. Designed to provide a multi-use function for walking, running and early years cycling. A great starter track for younger riders but also supports Sacred Heart’s ambitions for fitness and well being across the whole school.

Barbara Brown certainly thinks so.

“Our sports track is one of the best things that we’ve done in school, it’s quite a challenging design which has totally transformed our outdoor space. Every child uses the track every day to do their ‘mile-a-day’, either running or walking, they can chat to friends on their way round or to different groups of children that they might not normally play with. We have found that children who are less confident socially, absolutely love it as it gives them something purposeful to do outside.

The children also love to cycle around our track. We have worked closely with Bike4Health over the last few years embedding a strong cycling culture in school, even taking some of our older children on a 100 mile ride to Amsterdam and back using pedal power! This has resulted in confidence and fitness levels soaring. 

We have also noticed the positive impact this has had back in the classroom, through increased motivation and enthusiasm for learning along with some significant improvements in academic ability.”

Barbara Brown, Head Teacher, Sacred Heart Primary School, Newcastle upon Tyne.


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